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Christopher L. George, P.c.

Aggressive, Focused, Determined Representation


Aggressive, Focused, Determined Representation. 

The phrase “aggressive, focused, determined representation” is not just a slogan. It is the way I practice law. I firmly believe that all three are central to getting the best possible results for my clients in an efficient amount of time.  

Aggressive representation requires the ability to take the lead and going on the offensive whenever possible. I work to leave no stone unturned when it comes to gathering facts, researching legal issues, and pressing matters to a conclusion.  I have seen far too many attorneys who sit back and let others take the lead in litigation. Attorneys who do not take the time to really delve into and understand all of the factual and legal nuances of a case.  If this is the kind of approach your attorney takes to a case, do you believe you or your opponent will get the best result? I am committed to aggressively pursuing any matter entrusted to me.

Focused representation requires the ability to set all distractions aside and give full attention to a case.  This type of single-minded focus often gets lost in this age of constant communication.  I see far too many attorneys who are distracted with other matters during client meetings, depositions, and even during court proceedings.  If this is the kind of focus your case is getting when your attorney is in front of you, what kind of focus do you think your case is getting when you are not present? I am committed to giving my full attention to each case.

Determined representation requires the ability to remain committed to staying the course, to finding a way past the obstacles and challenges which inevitably arise during the course of representing clients.  You will not lose interest in your matter before it is concluded, shouldn’t you expect the same from your attorney?  I am committed to remaining determined from start to finish.

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503 Government St., Suite D.
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Areas of Practice

Accounting malpractice

Construction defects

Employment disputes

Insurance disputes

Premises liability

Work place harassment

Automobile accidents

Construction accidents

Environmental releases/issues

Improper/illegal sale of alcohol

Product liability

Workers compensation  

Business sales and purchases

Contract disputes

Fraud, misrepresentation and suppression

Landlord/tenant disputes

Termite infestations

Wrongful termination


The welfare of each of us is dependent fundamentally upon the welfare of all of us.
— President Theodore Roosevelt


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