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Periodically, winged reproductive termites known as alates – which are commonly referred to as “swarmers” – emerge from termite colonies in search of a place to establish a new colony. This typically occurs in the Spring. However, this can occur at various times during the year, triggered by sudden temperature changes. The swarmers tend to fly towards areas of greatest light intensity, which is why you often see large groups of swarmers around streetlights or the lights of a ball field in the Spring. It is also why you may see swarmers outside the windows of your home. If you see swarmers in an area of your yard not near your home, it is probably no cause for concern. If you see them outside of and close to your home, you should probably have your termite company assess the situation. If you see swarmers inside of your home – especially if you see more than just a few swarmers inside your home – you should not hesitate to have your termite company assess the situation as this could be a sign that there is already or could soon be a termite colony inside of your home.

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