Aggressive, Focused,

Experienced Business Law Representation

At Christopher L. George, P.C., I have worked with businesses for years to provide in-house services at affordable costs.

This work often includes reviewing and revising company contracts. If you own a business, it is something every company should consider doing on a regular basis. Your business relationships may change frequently and the law is always changing.

Contract Review

I have more than two decades of experience working with businesses, their relationships and litigation. I have reviewed numerous contracts that are in place and have also:

  • reviewed prospective contracts companies might be considering entering into with others;
  • reviewing and drafting agreements to buy or sell companies.
  • reviewing insurance policies companies have purchased or are considering purchasing

These are all decisions that could dramatically affect a company’s future. They should not be taken lightly or without the benefit of legal consultation. I can provide that knowledgeable counsel.

Pre-Litigation And Litigation Support

Litigation can be costly in many ways. It can be expensive and damage relationships. I have substantial experience helping businesses try to resolve disputes before the disputes result in lawsuits.

I can discuss the potential strategies and risks of litigation. I will explain how processes like mediation and informal negotiations can help to diffuse a disagreement, misunderstanding or ambiguous contract term from developing into full-scale litigation, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Contact Me For A Free Consultation

If you own or operate a business and find yourself faced with a situation or a decision with which I could help, please contact me for a free consultation. For help with a wide range of business issues, call my Mobile office at 251-286-2570 or use my online contact form to make an appointment to discuss your business law issues with me.