Aggressive, Focused,

Civil Litigation

At Christopher L. George, P.C., I have represented businesses and individuals on both sides of civil cases for more than 20 years.

Knowledge Of Each Side Of Litigation

My work has provided me with an understanding of a great many types of civil litigation involving a broad spectrum of clients and disputes. My experience working on both sides of these cases allows me to bring a perspective that helps me to provide a clear view of the risks and opportunities presented.

I understand the likely arguments for each side and that allows me to effectively develop counterarguments to protect your interests and advance your claim.

A Wide Breadth Of Experience With Civil Litigation

My civil litigation record has included:

  • Truck and automobile accident cases
  • Product liability cases fraud cases
  • Cases involving termite damage to homes and offices
  • Cases involving construction defects
  • Dram shop cases (that is, cases involving the over-serving of alcohol or the serving of alcohol to minors, which results in injuries to innocent parties)
  • Breach of contract actions
  • Workers’ compensation cases
  • Cases involving alleged errors and omissions of corporate officers
  • Cases resulting from environmental releases
  • Cases involving alleged misconduct in conjunction with the sale of vehicles

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Legal disputes never improve with delay. If you have a dispute that could be better handled with the help of an attorney, please contact me for a free consultation. For help with a wide range of litigation issues, call my Mobile office at 251-286-2570 or use my online contact form to make an appointment to discuss your legal issues with me.