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Help With Insurance Law

At Christopher L. George, P.C., I have been retained by insurance carriers to defend their insureds for more than two decades. The cases are often complex, even when an initial question appears simple and straightforward.

During the course of performing this type of work, I have gained extensive knowledge regarding what it takes to successfully defend such matters and how important it is to know what coverage is actually potentially available under an insurance policy.

Do You Really Understand Your Insurance Policy

Insurance policies are very complex legal contracts. They are drafted by ‘experts’ on insurance law, the companies themselves. They have armies of lawyers and other professionals who collaborate in the creation of these contracts. The goal of these contracts is, ultimately, to protect the insurance company and its profits.

There are carefully written definitions and complex exclusions that are designed to protect the insurance company’s interests. If you are not an insurance professional, these policies can be difficult to interpret. That’s where I can help.

An Experienced Professional Protecting Your Interests

I have had some clients who made what I consider to be the wise choice to have me review insurance policies they were considering purchasing before they decide upon which policy to purchase.

In so doing, I have been able to help clients avoid the potential pitfalls which can be associated with buying a policy without first understanding how much coverage is potentially available and precisely what the policy will or will not cover.

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