Christopher L. George, P.C.


Making sure you're covered.

Areas of Practice


During my 20 plus years of practicing law here in Mobile, I have had the privilege of representing numerous termite and pest control companies which do a great job providing high quality service to their customers.  This has taught me exactly what it takes to provide the best termite protection possible and precisely what should be involved in your termite company’s annual inspection of your home.  I also know that, as is the case with most professions, there are some termite and pest control companies who cut corners in terms of both the treatment and inspections they provide.  This can result in severe termite damage to your home or business. I was taught in law school that you are not really ready to try your case until you fully understand how to try the other side of a case.  My extensive experience defending termite companies has taught me exactly what to look for in prosecuting a termite damage claim and what to expect in terms of the “defenses” you can expect a company which has fallen short of providing you what you deserve are likely to raise. This makes me uniquely qualified to prosecute termite damages claims.  If your home or office has suffered termite damage, please contact me for a free consultation.


I have been retained by insurance carriers to defend their insureds in a wide variety of civil cases for over 20 years.  These have included truck and automobile accident cases; product liability cases; fraud cases; cases involving termite damage to homes and offices; cases involving construction defects; Dram Shop cases (that is, cases involving the over-serving of alcohol or the serving of alcohol to minors which results in injuries to innocent parties); sexual harassment cases; wrongful termination cases; breach of contract actions; workers compensation cases; cases involving alleged errors and omissions of corporate officers; cases resulting from environmental releases; and cases involving alleged misconduct in conjunction with the sale of vehicles. I have also represented the injured party in these same types of matters.  If you have been injured or wronged, please contact me to set up a free consultation. 


Divorce can be difficult.  It is even more difficult when a parent fails to pay child support.  As a divorced father of 4 who has always respected and lived up to my responsibility to go above and beyond to support my children, I am offended when someone chooses not to honor their obligation to pay child support. If you are in a situation where you’re not receiving court-ordered child support payments, please give me a call.  I would love to help you.


I have worked with businesses for years to provide in-house services at affordable costs.  This work has reviewing and revising company contracts; something every company should consider doing on a regular basis as the law is always changing. It has also included reviewing contracts companies might be considering entering into with others; reviewing and drafting agreements to buy or sell companies; and reviewing insurance policies companies have purchased or are considering purchasing. These are all decisions which could dramatically affect a company and which should not be taken lightly or without the benefit of legal consultation.  This work has also included helping businesses try to resolve disputes before the disputes result in lawsuits. If you own or operate a business and find yourself faced with a situation or a decision with which I could help, please contact me for a free consultation.   


I have been retained by insurance carriers to defend their insureds for over 20 years.  During the course of performing this type of work, I have gained extensive knowledge regarding what it takes to successfully defend such matters, when a person or company hire an attorney to get involved in the defense of a case, and how important it is to know what coverage is actually potentially available under an insurance policy.  I have also had some clients who made what I consider to be the wise choice to have me review insurance policies they were considering purchasing before they decide upon which policy to purchase.  In so doing, I have been able to help clients avoid the potential pitfalls which can be associated with buying a policy without first understanding how much coverage is potentially available and precisely what the policy will or will not cover. If you have questions about any of these issues, please contact me for a free consultation.