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At Christopher L. George, P.C., I have been involved in termite litigation for over 25 years. In fact, one of the first cases I tried involved claims against a termite company. For many years, I represented numerous termite and pest control companies that do a great job providing high-quality service to their customers.

In recent years, I have had the privilege of representing homeowners who have fallen prey to termite companies that cut corners in terms of the treatments and inspections they provide.

I Have The Knowledge And Experience You Need

My experience representing termite and pest control companies that do a good job protecting their customers’ homes from termite infestation has taught me exactly what it takes to provide the best termite protection possible. I have learned precisely what should be involved in an initial treatment that meets State regulations and industry standards. I also know what should take place during a thorough annual inspection for signs of termite infestation.

It also taught me what to look for in handling claims against companies that fall far short both in terms of treating and inspecting homes, what to expect in terms of the “defenses” such companies will raise to try to excuse their misconduct, and what to look for in terms of records which may have been altered or destroyed in an attempt to avoid liability.

Know Your Rights

Poor termite treatments and inadequate inspections can result in severe damage to your home, especially if Formosan termites are involved. And a termite company that fails to provide quality service will often try to persuade homeowners to settle cases for far less than the full value.

If your home has suffered termite damage, it is crucial that you consult an experienced attorney to make sure you recover all the damages to which you are entitled. These damages include damages for mental anguish and, in some instances, punitive damages.

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